Global Corporate Strategy.

Develop a project proposal relating to the final project you intend to research and report on. The proposal will outline an organisation of your own choice and you will outline the role and purpose of the organisation and why you think your choice of organisation fits in with Global Corporate Strategy. You will set out the aims and objectives you wish to study and how you will undertake the research for your final project. You will outline which concepts and models you will apply in your report
Provide a set of aims and objectives for your final project report and discuss how you will you undertake the research for your final project.
• What are your key aims for your final assignment? What do you want to find out about your organisation’s business strategy specifically and how will you achieve this?
• What are your objectives? These are your measurable outputs that you can carry out to achieve your aims.
• This section should also include the methodology you will use to conduct your research / complete your project. What models and theories will you use to explore your organisation’s strategy? You should also outline concepts and models that you will apply in your final report that must be drawn from the module content.
i.e. the three horizons, PESTLE, SWOT etc. It is also useful to acknowledge why you have chosen those models and what they will show you. You should select models and theories that are relevant to your organisation.

These concepts/models may be internal and/or external and may
also be related to any of the following;
-porters five forces model
-market drivers (Where similar customer needs have been identified across several locations, There is an abundance of global customers requiring your product, The company has the ability and resources to transferable marketing in several locations efficiently and benefitting from resource gain.),
-cost drivers(Where economies of scale can be derived from production and supply, Where there may be country-specific differences to enhance profitability, Where there are favourable logistics and supply chains to enhance production),
-competitive drivers (Often there is the need for interdependence between countries to enhance the performance of their economy.

International strategies can support and enhance independence)or government drivers such as
-political strategies (such as trade policies, technical standards and host government policies can all have a direct impact on global business activity.)

A reference list is required for this proposal (resource list below)

Part 2: 3000 words (the report)
Based on the project proposal (part 1) submit an individual report of approximately 3,000 words, which can be based on an organization or idea of your own choice. The strategic analysis must be related to a recognised aspect of business policy, strategic management, or the philosophical underpinning of a particular methodology within the public or private sector strategic management domain.
The report must be written in a recognised style, i.e. table of contents, introduction, main analysis, conclusions, recommendations, references, and bibliography. You must apply the Harvard system of referencing in your report. The word count must be stated on the front page of your assignment. The word count includes the front page, executive summary and or abstract, contents page, introduction, main analysis, conclusions, recommendations, diagrams, tables, figures, and graphs; The word count does not include references, bibliography, and appendices.
There are several ways you might carry out this assignment: here are a few ideas:

• Use a theoretical model to reflect upon the reality (practice) of a situation. Use theory to predict the outcomes of practice. Use practice to reflect upon / modify theory.
• Compare theory and practice: Does M.E. Porter’s (1985) model of competition support the experience of practitioners?
i.e. use a practical example /case / issue to reflect on Porter’s model(s) and examine success and / or failure.
• A case study approach: Is Satya Nadella, C.E.O. managing Microsoft as effective as he might? i.e. do an analysis of Microsoft’s performance in relation to declared (or undeclared) strategy and the efficacy of his strategy.

If you choose a case study of something similar to:
• An analysis of Nike’s CSR strategy
• An analysis of Walmart’s business strategy
• British Airways: An analysis of the airline’s post pandemic growth strategy.
• An analysis of strategy formulation and implementation at Apple
The potential list is endless, it depends on what you want to focus

• A recovery plan: My advice to the Chief Executive Officer of the Toshiba Corporation is ……i.e. suggest a way forward for the organization considering their poor performance over recent years.
• A risk management strategy: My advice to Airbus for the imminent impact of leaving the European Union.

References are required for this report.

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