Global case study

Go to the World Health Organization Website and select a “crises” that has occurred in recent years (2013 –present).

You are the lead nurse in a shelter working in this country and people are pouring into the shelter.

Answer questions in paragraph form using correct APA and references. The bullet points are to help guide your discussion. This is to be written as a 5 page paper with title page(1 page), body(3 pages)and reference page(1 page).

Introduction –describe what country you selected and the crisis that has occurred.

First Hour

What would you do first to develop a group of nurses into a functioning team?

Depending on the country you selected, everyone may not speak English. How do you handle communication?

What are the first 3 nursing interventions that you should do for your patients?

Why did you prioritize those interventions first(rationale)?Systems Specific Assessment:

What specific assessments did you/nurse perform on your patients?

Physicians working with Doctor’s without boarders, private hospitals, and The American Red Cross are here. What patients do you assign to see the doctor’s first? Provide Rationale.

Infection Control:

What concepts of infection control arepertinent to your patient’s in the shelter?

What did you/nurseteach your patient’s today regarding infection control?Assignments & Delegation:

You are assisting the physicians with the sickest patients. What aspect of your patient’s care could be assigned to volunteers?Implementing Care:

What are the expected orders for your patient’s in the shelter?

Where will you obtain these supplies?

How do you plan to assist patients in obtaining their home medications? How will the medications be distributed? Psychosocial Concerns:

After viewing the shelter conditions, how would you respond to the psychological needs of someone looking for theirloved one, someone who has lost a loved one
and someone who has lost all their material goods (house and contents, clothes, car, etc?)

Identify signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. When would you look for these signs and symptoms on the people in the shelter?

What psychological affect does caring for the patient’s over a week’s period have on the emergency responders (nurses, physicians, & volunteers etc.).

What measures can you put in place to help relieve these stressors for the emergency responders?


Discuss 2 different ways of violating HIPPA in the shelter other than talking to others about your patient’s condition.

What type of health care records did you keep? Who keeps the record?Violence& Abuse

Analyze if there has been any reports of wide spread looting or violence in the area of the devastation?

Describe reports of crime and/or abuse taking place in the shelter.Culture& Religion

What type of cultural considerations should be thought about when caring for this population of people?

What type of religious beliefs do most of them hold?

Discuss caring for a client whose culture and religious beliefs may differ from yours?Major Global Health Organizations and/or International Relief:

List four international organizations that have an interest in aiding global health disasters and describe the focus of their health-related activities.

How can a nurse join one of the organizations?

Conclusion–paragraph summary your paper

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