Global Business

Using the principles set forth in the Global Business Standards Codex, find an example of a company that does or did not follow one of the principles. Discuss the implications of the company’s actions”

You must reference any material you obtained from any book, website or journals. You must list the reference sources in the way shown in the referencing guide below. You must show that you have searched, accessed and used at least TWO references (journal articles). If you borrow phrases, graphs, table… from the textbook, you must reference these.
For example:
When you summarise the main ideas from someone else in your own words, you are also expected to clearly acknowledge that someone else first wrote about the ideas you have summarised. Giving proper references shows that you have read the appropriate literature and are well informed (Devlin 2004, p. 23).
“A recommended solution to the problems that students experience is for THEM TO CHECK on how referencing is done in Books, Journal Articles …etc” (Landau, Druen & Arcuri 2002, p. 113) .
The reference list is designed to provide information to enable each source that you have cited in text to be identified. The list should appear at the end of a work, under the heading ‘References’. The references should be listed alphabetically by the surname of the first author/editor or by the title if no author/editor is given.

Use the APA style as follows:


Denison, D. R. (1990). Corporate culture and organizational effectiveness. John Wiley & Sons.

Denison, D. R. (1990). Corporate culture and organizational effectiveness. John Wiley & Sons.

McCormick, M. J. (2001). Self-efficacy and leadership effectiveness: Applying social cognitive theory to leadership. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 8(1), 22-33.

Prati, L., Douglas, C., Ferris, G. R., Ammeter, A. P., & Buckley, M. R. (2003). Emotional intelligence, leadership effectiveness, and team outcomes. The International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 11(1), 21-40.

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