Global Business Strategy

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and analyse the nature of international markets and the forces and drivers that interface with the development and implementation of international business strategy.
  2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of both current and extant theories and concepts of strategy formulation and development in the international environment.
  3. Critically evaluate the formulation of business strategies in response to the challenges of internationalisation and how they reflect changes in both the domestic and international business environments. Assignment Description Prepare a 3500-word report by answering the following questions. Q 1 and 2 addresses LO1, Q 3-5 addresses LO2 and Q 6-7 addresses LO3.
    Watch the Amazon video and answer the following questions.  1. How does the company respond to the changes in the socio-economic and political landscape? Justify your answer with examples. (10 marks) 2. Elaborate on the positive and negative effects of Amazon on economic development. (10 marks) 3. What global strategies have the company adopted to extend the long- term success of the company. (10 marks) 4. How does a global value chain analysis of the company strengthen its competitive advantage? (15 marks) 5. Does the company reap any benefits from Global Partner Network and how sustainable are they? (15 marks) 6. How does the company formulate their business strategies in response to the challenges of internationalization? (15 marks) 7. Will an impending Brexit affect the company you chose in terms of Operations and Overall profitability. What is the role of international organizations in ensuring smooth international trade? (15 marks) 8. Harvard referencing (10 marks) Additional Information Guidelines: The report must have an introduction, body and conclusion followed by references. The introduction can be approximately 500 words where you introduce the main elements of the topics studied and brief the company you chose. The body must contain all the answers for the seven questions asked. (Approx. 2500 words) The conclusion must incorporate your overall analysis of the issue discuss and few practical recommendations for the improving/enhancing global business strategies. (Approx. 500 words) Reference list must be containing at least 15-20 entries taken from books, journals, articles and websites.
    Please note word counts should include quotes and tables but NOT reference list and Appendix.

Reading list

Core module book:

Dicken, P. (2014) Global Shift: Mapping the changing contours of the world economy. 7th Edition. SAGE: Los Angeles.

Other reading list:

Coe, N., Dicken, P. and Hess, M. (2008) Global Production Networks: Realizing the Potential, Journal of Economic Geography, 8 (3), 271-295.

Coe, N. and Yeung, H-W-C. (2015) Global production networks: theorizing economic development in an interconnected world. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Forsgren, Mats (2013) Theories of the multinational firm: A multidimensional creature in the global economy (2nd ed.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Gereffi, G., Humphrey, J. and Sturgeon, T. (2005) The Governance of Global Value Chains, Review of International Political Economy, 12 (1), 78-104.

Nadvi, K. (2008) Global Standards, Global Governance and the Organization of Global Value Chains, Journal of Economic Geography, 8 (3), 323-343.

Sinkovics, R., Yamin, M., Nadvi, K. and Zhang, Y.Z (2014) Rising powers from emerging markets – The changing face of international business, International Business Review, 23:675-679

Walter, A. and Zhang, X (2012) East Asian Capitalism: diversity, continuity and change, Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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