Global Brands and Advertising

Separate sections in parts 1Aa through bonus

When you get to Section 1A- Bonus, You will write in a brief and/or short discussion form of type paragraph your answer.

Investigate how a global brand (Nike, Coke, Tide e.g.) advertises in at least two different cultures. A good place to start is the brand’s website(s). Drawing from concepts from the first six weeks of class, analyze the ads from a cultural point of view. How are the ads targeted at different cultures similar and/or different? Why?

1A Discussion
Depending on the country or region there may be different regulations applied to advertising. The EU, for example, is more aggressive in regulating advertising to children than the U.S. Explore some differences in the regulation of specific products or advertising formats (comparative, e.g.) and post about them. What might explain these differences?

Go to YouTube and find a TV commercial from outside the US. Provide a URL/embed it. What do you make of it from a cultural perspective?

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