German Shepherd ‘s Memory

This is the explanation of the research paper that you’ll be writing. The actual research paper is
a separate document. You will make a copy of “The Actual Research Paper”, complete it and
email it to me @ Text or call me for @ 5037566304 for any questions.
You will be writing an introduction, methods, discussion, and reference section. The results
section has been completed for you and is visible in “The Actual Research Paper.”
I performed the experiment already, so I will explain how the experiment was performed below,
under, The Experiment. It was a very simple experiment.
I need this paper completed by Thursday, March 16th 11:59.
It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s really not.
It should take around 6 hours. It should be at the college level standard for a written research
If it’s done well, I will give you an extra $30.00.
The details of each section and the experiment are below:
The Experiment:
I’m trying to figure out how long a German Shepherd’s short-term memory is.
I tested this by seating my german shepherd in the center of a circle (look at the figure). Then I
put two treats down in random positions around the hemisphere, 10 feet from him. Once I put
the treats down, I started a timer while he waited in the center. The time he waited before being
allowed to look for the treats is the independent variable. While he remained waiting in the
center of the circle for the specific durations of time, I distracted him by making him do basic
tricks, giving him treats, and shaking his paw. After this duration of time, I started a new timer to
see how long it would take for him to find both treats. The time I allowed him to look for the
treats is the dependent variable. There were two treats placed down around the perimeter of the
circle and I marked both the time it took to find one treat and the second treat. If it took him
longer than 1 minute to find the treat, I marked this as he forgot about the treat. All of the data
can be viewed in the results section.
The treats used were pieces of bacon. The dog used was my personal 7 year old german
shepherd. The experiment was conducted in one sitting, with no breaks.
If there’s anything missing, feel free to just make it up.
A Professional research paper introduction.
For this section, you’ll need to write a concise literature review so that the experiment can be
put into context. This will be 200 words with 8 scholarly references. The sections methods,
discussion, and results must add up to around 800 words. A total of ~1000.
I’ve determined the dependent and independent variables already. You will take my summary of
The Experiment and rewrite it into a professional methods section of a research paper. Use the
pre-written Results section in “The Actual Research Paper” to help you.
You will delve into the meaning, importance and relevance of the results. Evaluate what was
found and show how it ties together to the research question. A reminder that the research
question is, What is the short-term memory of the German Shepherd?
You must include in text citations. At least 8.
Also write out a reference list at the end. You may use MLA, APA, or whatever you prefer

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