Geological Questions


I attached the slides for the lectures below to help you find the answers.

Why is Venus so much warmer than Earth today?

What is the faint young Sun pose a paradox?

What has always acted a long-term thermostat regulating Earth’s climate?

What six reservoirs of carbon in order from largest to smallest?

Which of the following elements is not one of the top 8 in Earth’s crust:

aluminum, calcium, carbon, iron, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, silicon, sodium

Essay question. What climate systems are thought to be near a tipping point and what does that mean?

Essay question. How do the Uplift and Weathering hypothesis and the BLAG hypothesis account for Earth’s climate over the past 325 Ma?

Extra credit (25 points) The Orca carbon capture machine in Iceland can remove and store 4000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. One ton of carbon dioxide contains approximately 0.2725 tons of carbon. If annual emissions of carbon (not carbon dioxide) from burning fossil fuels are about 11 million metric tons, how many Orca machines would be needed to reach n

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