geographic literacy

geographic literacy in the united state

The essay should be a minimum of 6 pages
(not including title page, citations,and bibliography)
. Use themes and standards from the “Geography for Life” framework: Developed in 1994 and revised in 2013, National standards of geographic education and literacy in the United States, Incorporate the five classic themes, Six “elements” with eighteen “standards”.

Your text may be in the form of a speech or a traditional essay. Since this lecture presents your knowledge and informed opinions, you are free to use first person narrative point of view :
• What is “geographic literacy?”
•In your opinion, what are (or should be) the goals of geography and geographic education in 21st century America?
•Discuss the ways that geography underpins and enhances our daily lives. Illustrate this discussion with specific examples from across the course.
•Reflect on your personal journey in this class and complete the essay by highlighting personal experiences, discoveries, and Insights that contributed to your geographic literacy

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