Geographic Area

Question 1

Write a two-page paper on the following subject. APA style with citations and 3 references. Do some research to find sources you could use to help you negotiate a union contract regarding:

1. recent bargaining settlements in your industry (try to find something relevant to your current job or a job with which you are familiar)

2. current wage rates for this job in your geographic area

3. health care costs

4. pension benefits plans Post your favorite source for each (url is fine) and tell us why you chose that source.

You should have four sources listed (unless you find one that covers more than one topic), along with a description after each one, detailing why you found that source to be valuable.

Question 2

This needs to be a 5 page paper with at least 3 scholarly sources. The germ of the paper should be about how Samuel Richardson uses the letter writing style in Pamela to serve as a conduct book for how women were expected to act and maintain virtue.

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