General Thoughts

Instructions: You are to provide a comprehensive answer, in essay format for the following 11 questions, using your text as a basis for your responses. Be sure that you include examples, providing as much detail and information as possible. You must have a minimum of 250 words for each question. You may cite outside resources you use beyond your text. Be sure that your originality report does not exceed 15%.

1. How long can you expect to live? What are you doing “right” that is adding to your longevity? What are you doing “wrong”? How can you make any necessary changes?

2. What could be some causes for a “Mid-Life Crisis?” Explain the process that may set the stage for the possibility of an individual experiencing one and discuss possible outcomes.

3. What should we expect as far as intellectual changes go as we age? How can an individual “exercise” their intelligence?

4. How does marriage change through the aging process? Discuss how an “Empty Nest” can effect the dynamics of a marriage.

5. Discuss the issues that surround end of life care and euthanasia. Under what conditions do you think euthanasia is acceptable? Do our attitudes toward death change with age? Why?

6. How does sexuality change with age? Be sure to discuss how sexuality impacts quality of life as an individual ages.

7. Why is marriage important to society and to individuals? Explain why marital satisfaction tends to decline with the addition of children to the family? (Be sure to include the role of expectations and myths)

8. Discuss the different types of adult love. Please provide any relevant diagrams. Be sure that you also provide examples of each and how they can be either healthy or unhealthy and why. Include in your discussion possible reasons one may engage in an unhealthy love relationship and how it may impact future relationships.

9. Discuss the seven (7) principles of successful marriages according to Gottman? How could you successfully achieve each of these in your own relationship?

10. What role does friendship play as we get older? Why is it important to have friends and other support networks as we age?

11. What is the most important thing you learned this semester in each of these domains: (1) growth and physical development; (2) health; (3) cognitive development; (4) socioemotional development; (5) moral development; and, (6) the social contexts of development?

Bonus points question:

What are your general thoughts of this course? How do you feel it has enhanced your knowledge of the corresponding events in your own life? How do you feel this course has helped your ability in your future career? What do you believe is the most valuable tool you have learned?

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