General Managers

1. Explain how time and pressure influence the negotiations of the possible trade for the first pick in the NFL draft between the general managers of Seattle and Cleveland?

2. The owner of the Cleveland Browns negotiates from a position of strength with his general manager, Sonny (waterpark scene). Explain how and why he does so.

3. Cleveland owns the first pick in the draft but Kansas City and Buffalo want to trade for it. Who has the power in these negotiations? What is Sonny’s strategy in these negotiations?

4. Explain how Sonny negotiates with the Jacksonville general manger. How does the power of persuasion come into play?

5. Ali faces challenges as a woman in a male dominated office. How does she approach the many negotiations and conflicts that she encounters throughout the movie?

6. Sonny negotiates for a second time with the Seattle general manager. Seattle is in a position of strength until new information is discovered. How does this information impact the negotiation? Explain the strategy and tactics Sonny uses.

7. Critique the film and explain what you learned about negotiations.

Short answers request.

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