Gender Stereotypes

Question 1

A journalism article on being an immigrant in USA from Nigeria where baseball is not a known sport. how it consumes the incomes of families, gender stereotypes in baseball (why is there no women in baseball) but women are pushed to play softball instead and why is it that majority of those that work in the baseball stadiums are African Americans working the counter etc

Question 2

Select two well-known public contemporary figures you believe have characteristics comparable to any pair of pilgrims. Compose a short description of each of these two contemporary figures in the style of Chaucer’s “General Prologue.” Then create a dialogue that shows interaction between the two characters, comparable to the style of the links.

  • 1 paragraph is written explaining the two well-known public contemporary figures chosen and what characteristics they share with the pair of pilgrims chosen.
  • 1 18 stanza poem is written (mimicking the General Prologue) for each of the two contemporary figures explaining their character.
  • Lines in the poems match the rhyme scheme found in the prologue

Question 3

This paper will focus on areas of interest of the students (for example organizations working to support victims of domestic violence) and will focus on services available to women or on issues pertaining to gender or sexuality (including LGBT) in our community. you should find two local organizations (in the DC metropolitan area) working on the same or a similar topic, research their websites and/or organizational materials and write a 2 page summary and comparison of the organizations’ missions and services offered. The organizations must be based locally AND serve people in Maryland and/or Washington D.C. This essay should be written in 12 point font with 1” margins.


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