Future Practice

Question 1

Students will be required to write a reflection paper in which they discuss their own response to Spencer (2008). This paper will incorporate their feelings, experiences and reactions. The paper will be due on the 4th class session.

  1. In simple terms, identify Spencer’s main thesis.
  2. Share your “gut” reaction to his points.
  3. Did your reaction cause you to make a self-reflection?
  4. How might this reflection affect your future practice?
  5. APA style
  6. No abstract

This is just some personal information to assist. I am an African American female from Florida.

Question 2

Please choose a Vulnerable Population to discuss: Immigration or Elder

-What vulnerable population are you discussing?

– What are the special needs of this vulnerable population?

– What are the social support networks in place?

– What needs to be added witch regards to: Environment, Helping Strategies, and Safety

– What would your desired outcomes be?

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