Future of Work Series


Paper instructions

Use the sociological imagination to elucidate the content of Episode 2 of the movie series, “Future of Work”.

Be careful to explicitly identify both public issues and personal troubles encountered by people and societies, such as globalization, minimal staffing, robotics, and so on (many more of each are presented).

Bear in mind we’re interested in changing social structures such as new statuses and institutions as well as changing norms.

Does your planned career path seem “future proof” or do you anticipate needing to pursue additional education credentials? Why or why not?

Future of Work links. Here are links to additional clips in the series (other than episode 2) such as those previewed in the last class

Note: My major is the communication of public relations in advertising. My dream future job will be an advertising idea designer and a film director. You can choose my future job from these two directions. Thank you

500 words

MLA citation

NO Plagiarism

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