Fundamentals Problems

Question 1

Each quiz consists of two (2) moderate length essay questions. Each question is to be answered by a minimum 300-word response, with the total quiz length of no less than 600 words.

2.)What are the fundamental problems or issues of labeling a physical condition a “syndrome” or “disorder” when there is no active disease in the body? What “syndromes” in the past have proven NOT to have been a disease at all? What other physical inclinations lend themselves to this notion of a “syndrome” or “pre” status (such as “pre-diabetic”)?

1.) On what basis did the court in Katskee hold that the patient was “ill”, especially in light of the fact that there was no cancer present in the patient and that this was undisputed?

Question 2

The student will develop an 8-10 page paper on a community health assessment for program

planning, including the benefits of incorporating components of various approaches to conducting

a needs assessment, selecting the appropriate statistics for analysis of data and the target

audience for the program. The paper needs to identify a specific assessment and planning model, as well as a policy that pertains to HIV.

Question 3

For this week’s discussion, you will post a one paragraph response to Chapter 2 Activity 1 or 2 (page 14) and a one paragraph response to Chapter 3 Activity #5 at the end of the chapter (page 43).

Be sure to include quotes and specific ideas from the literature to support your ideas. Remember, a paragraph must have an introductory sentence and a conclusion.

Although a Works Cited listing is not required for quotes from our literature book on the discussion board, you must document quotes, summarized information, and paraphrased information with in-text citations. You can use Chapter 4 as a reference.

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