Functions Of Human Resource Management

• Must be 7-8 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style
• Must include a separate title page with the following:
• Title of paper
• Student’s name
• Course name and number
• Instructor’s name
• Date submitted
The primary function of Human Resources Management is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees attaining organizational goals and objectives. Consider all the areas of HRM that have been discussed in this course:
• Performance management
• Human resources planning, recruitment, and selection
• Human resources development
• Compensation and benefits
• Employment and labor laws and regulations
In your final paper,
• Provide a high-level overview of each HRM area listed above.
• Discuss HR functions within a performance management system that contribute to effective training and development.
• Explain how an effective performance management system along with compensation and benefits can attract, develop, and retain talented employees.
• Analyze employment and labor laws and regulations that impact these areas of HRM listed above and the relationships between employees and employers.
• Explain how the functions of HRM work together in order to optimize organizational and employee behavior.

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