Freedom and Responsibilty

Put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive who is being considered for termination in the Netflix case study. What objections or concerns might you express during the negotiation session if you were Alice Jones? Some examples could be:

  • Alice claims the action being taken is discriminatory and threatens to sue for wrongful termination.
  • Alice requests job placement or relocation benefits in order to transition to another job.

Share three objections you would make if you were Alice Jones. Then, propose responses from Sharon Slade that would help steer the process to a successful conclusion and help maintain a positive relationship between the two parties.


Textbook:The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication: Getting to Yes!, Chapter 7 (pp. 101–106)
Conflict and objections in a negotiating session are a natural, normal, and expected part of the negotiation process. This chapter discusses methods to constructively use such conflict to develop a win-win outcome.

Video: Dealing With Difficult People (cc) (3:58) (Optional)
This video introduces a simple two-step approach: identify the kind of difficult person you are dealing with and stop the reward for their bad behavior. This will disarm difficult people in interpersonal interactions.

  • Library Article: How Netflix Reinvented HR
  • Article: The Woman Behind the Netflix Culture Doc
  • Presentation: Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

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