Fraud Risk

This Portfolio Project option has two parts: a written report and a PowerPoint presentation.

A typical organization loses a certain percentage of annual revenue to fraud. The potential for fraud occurs in all organizations, regardless of the industry in which it operates, financial structure, or size. Every organization is vulnerable to fraud. The risk of fraud should be reduced as much as possible to improve the longevity of the organization. Hence, preventing, deterring, and detecting fraud are crucial to the success of organizations. Deterring and preventing fraud can be more economical than detecting, investigating, and recovering from fraud after the fact. These anti-fraud measures must start at the top and must be communicated throughout the organization. They must go beyond internal controls yet consider the cost-benefit.

Develop an anti-fraud program, or model, that can be implemented in any organization. In other words, don’t apply the model to a specific organization. The model, if applied correctly, must be efficient in preventing, detecting and deterring fraud. At minimum, your model must address the following factors:

Fraud risk assessment
Employees’ Code of Conduct
Policies and procedures to prevent, deter, and detect fraud
Technical tools to prevent, deter, and detect fraud (i.e. SQL, ODBC, Digital Analysis, etc.)
Cost-benefit analysis
Resources to consider:
AICPA. (n.d.). Managing the business risk of fraud: A practical guideLinks to an external site..
Protiviti. (n.d.) Evaluating your anti-fraud programLinks to an external site..
The Portfolio Project preliminary deliverables are as follows:

Part 1: Requirements for the paper:

Demonstrate your comprehension of the course material.
Use professional business language.
10-12 pages in length (double-spaced), not including the cover and reference pages. Supporting documents (i.e. charts, graphics, etc.) should be included as addendums to your report and not in the body of the report.
Formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center. Links to an external site.
Include a minimum of six credible, academic or professional references from the CSU Global Library Links to an external site. , in addition to the textbook.
In addition to your written report, prepare a PowerPoint to present your Anti-Fraud Program to management.

Part 2: Requirements for the presentation:

6-8 slides, not including the cover and reference slides.
Demonstrate your comprehension of the course material.
Use professional business language.
Include slides that are professional in appearance and not too wordy.
Include detailed notes in the “Notes” area to support the information presented on your slides

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