Framework Strategy

Create a framework for developing a public speaking presentation. The presentation framework is a production manual. Provide insight into the process and best practices used to develop a presentation that you will develop.
 The framework strategy should include an explanation of the topic you choose to address, purpose of the presentation, identification of target audience, evidence in the form of research to validate the relevance of the topic, a process map, procedures for each step in the process map, a team work schedule indicating responsibilities for each member, and technology to be used.
 Using inductive reasoning and provide evidence that explains the background and contemporary tactics used to develop each element of the framework strategy.
 Consider reviewing different resources to determine the best format for your presentation, such as Ted Talks®, keynote addresses, training lectures, informational lectures, infomercials, etc.
 Conduct research using a minimum of three research resources on best practices for developing
public speaking presentations.

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