Formulate a Range of Formal and Informal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities to Support Your Learning Journey

From your self-assessment identify your weaker areas and your development objectives for addressing these. Determine the most appropriate professional development activities to meet your objectives and add these to your Professional Development Plan.

In the assessment template, you will already have identified you Strength, Weaknesses and Development areas. What you need to do now is build your Professional Development Plan (PDP) which is included as a template in the assessment document.

The key considerations when completing the PDP are:
• Include a range of different development paths to achieve your identified goals.
• Provide as much detail as possible.
• Within the PDP, appropriate activities should be included for each objective, identifying what activities will be planned to support the achievement of the objective.

Activities could include:
• Formal training
• Job shadowing
• Secondments
• Project Work
• Conferences
• Webinars / Workshops
• Academic reading and research

Within the supporting narrative, you should explain why they chose the range of activities they have included in their PDP.

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