(Dissertation 15,000 – 18,000 words)
(Reflective statement and development plan 1,000 – 1,500 words)
80% of the overall module grade
The Structure of your final submission should be:
Title Page (relatively brief and specific)
Abstract / Executive Summary (‘overview’ – maximum 1 page)
Acknowledgements (of those who helped)
Contents Page (list of chapters/page numbers)
List of Figures and Tables (both are included within the text and each type has its own independent consecutive numbering throughout)
Chapter 1 Introduction (background/ overall aim and specific objectives) (roughly 2,000 words)
Chapter 2 Literature Review (definitions of main topic, identification of ‘key’ authors, themes, previous research, etc.) (roughly 5,000 words)
Chapter 3 Methodology / Research Design (Research strategy/design; Participants; Methods) (roughly 2,500 words)
Chapter 4 Analysis / Results (findings/results) and a discussion of application/data analysis) (roughly 4,000 words)
Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations (must be based on previous analysis and reflect literature and original objectives) (the recommendations must result from conclusions) (roughly 2,500 words)
Chapter 6 Personal Reflection (roughly 1,250 words)
References (list of books/articles ‘cited’ in the text using the HARVARD format)
Bibliography (other literature which influenced the work)
Appendices (anything which would disrupt the ‘flow’ for the reader within the text, e.g. charts, tables, etc.)

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