Forensic Science Case Study

The case study should include, but not limited to the following information:

  1. Details of the crime
    • What happened?
    • Who was involved?
    • Where did it happened?
    • Other relevant information.
  2. Involved parties
    • Victim(s): Who were they? Why were they chosen? What was their niche?
    • Suspect(s): Who were they? Why were they chosen? What was their niche?
    • Investigator(s): Who were they (names)? What agency did the work for?
    • How good of a job did they do in investigating the crime?
  3. Evidence
    • What was it?
    • Where was it found?
    • How was it analyzed?
    • What did it mean to the case?
    • Were there any issues encountered (motions to suppress)?
  4. Summary
    • What happened in the end?
    • How was the case resolved?
    • Was there a trial?
    • Any key “turning points” in the trial?
    • What was the verdict?
    • What is the present status of the case and the suspect?
  5. Works Cited/References page (APA format) (Citation Page Maker)(
    • Includes in-text citations – shows where in the paper the references were used.
    • Includes the full references (not just a website).
    • Includes at least 4 references, two of which must be from a scholarly source.

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