Foreign Heritage

Question 1

During a live broadcasting of a recent presidential debate, a candidate vehemently declares that a certain federal judge was “unfit for his job given his foreign heritage.”This candidate further suggests that if elected president, he would “remove the judge from his position.” In response to this claim, fellow debaters suggest that the candidate has misunderstood the very principles of the Constitution, namely, separation of powers and checks and balances.As chief of NPR’s fact checking service, how would you clarify each of the statements presented above to the public?

Issue: Identify the legal question in the case.

Rule: State the law or test that applies to the issue.

Analysis: Apply the law to the facts. In other words, you should use the facts to explain how the rule leads to the conclusion.

Conclusion: Answer the issue. State the result of your analysis.

Question 2

Write a 350- to 700-word executive summary in which you define and explain the common law background of the Fourth Amendment.

Format your executive summary consistent with APA guidelines.

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