Food Dietary Analysis

I- Create a separate profile page. 5pts
Course Professor Assignment Date
II- Record your daily food intake for 7 days by using NutritionCalc Plus (McGraw Hill Education)
Reports needed: 25pts
1) Recommendation report
2) Bar graph report
3) MyPlate report
4) Food list report
5) Calorie assessment report
III- Make one paragraph for each of the following 12 nutrients (at least 500 words total for all 12 paragraphs). 60pts
1- Carbohydrates
2- Proteins
3- Lipids- Saturated %, Monounsaturated %, and Polyunsaturated % 4- Fiber
5- Sodium
6- Calcium
7- Potassium
8- Iron
9- Zinc
10- Vitamin A 11- Vitamin C 12- Vitamin D
A- Definition, function, or importance of the nutrient.
B- Discuss your dietary state; above, below or normal (how much was the range for each nutrient above)

C- If you are not in range state, what are the specific risks of being deficient or in excess. If you are in normal range state, what are the benefits.

IV- Food log reflection (at least 200 words). 10pts
How do you plan to maintain or improve your health by changing your diet and/or exercise (do not use supplements as recommendation)?
Format: 1-inch left margins on all sides, double-spaced, paragraphs, and Times New Roman with 12 Font size.

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