Food and Nutrition Knowledge

Research Review and System Analysis
The purpose of this assignment to demonstrate your knowledge of research, analysis and food and nutrition knowledge. The final document will be a short paper (3-4 pages) that provides the background and justification for your work within our SFN profession.
Please include the following:
• Description of the project to include the Sustainable Food Nutrition issue that will be addressed and the population that will be affected by this.
• Population and issue background knowledge: Summarize the knowledge about the issue and intended population with peer-reviewed literature and community knowledge. This provides the justification for the project within our professional practice. Be sure to cite your references
• System analysis: summarize impact analysis of the issue. Be sure to include stakeholders and all 5 areas of sustainability (agriculture, social/cultural, economic, ecological and health) and consider impacts to the tertiary level. These should be realistic to the community or region. (show impact analysis in Appendix)
• Summary: one paragraph that summarizes the main points.
• References cited (Minimum of 15 references; use AMA citation format: )
• Formatting: 11-point font, Calibri font style, single-spaced, 0.7 inch margins, page numbers.

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