Floods and Climate Change


In this assignment, you will provide the following information for your term paper. You can choose any topic related to climate change.

Be cautious that you need to research this topic by finding legitimate sources, by using “peer-reviewed” journal articles. These journal articles can be accessed when you log into SJSU VPN (using the SJSU website domain). SJSU library has paid for the copyright to read these articles. Otherwise, if you are outside the SJSU website domain (such as at home without using VPN), you will be asked to pay for the articles.

You shouldn’t have to pay for journal articles as long as you use SJSU VPN.

1. Topic and tentative title. (You may revise the title slightly for your final term paper.)

2. Outline. Write a few paragraphs about how you plan to research this topic, including what you have learned about the background on this topic, and what you plan to do for your term paper.

3. A list of references, which includes at least three peer-reviewed articles that you plan to read and cite in your term paper.

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