Fire Technology Term Paper


This Assignment is used in the following Fire Technology courses.

Fire Prevention TechnologyFire Protection Equipment  & SystemsBuilding Construction for Fire ProtectionFire Behavior & CombustionPrinciples of Fire & Emergency Safety &SurvivalFire Hydraulics

TERM PROJECT: Students will be asked to do an internet search for learning resources tied to one of the major topics in the Reading Assignments in this class.  Refer to the Course Schedule for the reading assignment.

Prior to doing your research, go to the course web site in Canvas.  Under Modules, click on Term Assignments, then on the “Term Project”  Icon to download the Term Project Assignment and Table with two examples of what is expected.

Identify at least three resources: a web site, a document (policy, article, etc.), and a video.   All three resources MUST be from different sources and expand on the Reading Assignment chosen. A rehash of what was covered in the Reading Assignments and plagiarism will get you Zero points. Also, if you are taking more than one class with me requiring this Term Assignment, you must do an entirely different learning resource for each class, no duplicates.


Use the Term Project Learning Resources Table below to record your answers and then attach it to the Assignment link. 

Term Project Learning Resources Table
Student’s Name 
Reading Assignment: 
Specific Learning Objective in Book: 
Learning Resources: 
Web Site: Provide both URL Document 
DocumentURL: Provide both URLDocument 
Video: Provide both URL & Video if available 
Other Resource 

This Paper should be prepared in the MS Word Document provided, with answers and commentsin the table shown above.  When you have completed this assignment, return to Canvas under Modules, click on Term Assignments, click on the “Term Project”  Icon, and attach your Paper.  

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