Financial Year Data

Question 1

Scenario: Required to choose a company and preform a thorough financial statement analysis using 4 audited financial year data. Analysis cover a close competitor and industry related issues and standards. It should describe the financial condition , efficiency, profitability, perception of investors as expressed by their behavior in the financial markets. Include its history, current position and expected future trends.

1. Evaluate OFF balance sheet and other relevant information for more meaningful financial analysis

2. Provide a conclusion wherever applicable

Question 2

Discuss the current trend of decision-making in your nursing practice; description on the significance of autonomy in nursing practice; and develop strategies for enhancing autonomy and control over nursing practice.

Question 3

  1.  Discuss the regulatory relationship and how this has influenced this bank’s risk management. (1000 words)
  2.  With reference to macro prudential policy and regulation, critically analyse the impact of the Basel III Guidelines on this bank’s risk management. (500 words)

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