Financial Statement and Management Discussion and Analysis

Students are expected to file a short (250 word) reading prompt. The prompts will be graded on four criteria: responsiveness to the question; writing quality (grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity); analysis. Rubrics are posted below.

Reading Prompts Rubric

Criteria Excellent
(A- to A+)
Analysis (50%) The memo provides a clear, well-reasoned argument that shows the student has thought deeply about the topic.
Responsiveness (40%) The memo is a clear response to the questions posed in the reading prompt and it draws on the concepts provided in the readings.
Writing (10%) The prompt is clear and concise. There are no grammatical errors. The memo’s structure and paragraphing are logical.

Questions needed to be addressed in this reading prompt:
See material posted below for weekly prompt. You may use either the Financial Statements or the Management Discussion and Analysis to answer the questions in the reading prompt. You do NOT need to review both documents.

Postmedia’s Q3 reporting documents (Financial Statement and Management Discussion and Analysis) identify four revenue streams: Advertising, Circulation, Parcels, Other. Compare the results for the three months ending May 2023 with the three months ending May 2022. Answer these questions:

Which of the four streams is growing fastest?
Which is shrinking fastest?
Postmedia has ventured into several non-journalism businesses recently. Write briefly whether you think any of these businesses are likely to thrive, and why. Discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of these new PostMedia businesses.

Hi, there’s one more thing I would like to mention. I believe one important point for this assignment is showing the critical thinking, instead of just following what the materials say. I believe in the prompt, you could be critical, which means you don’t have to agree with all the reading materials and you can just express your own thoughts where needed. Thanks!

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