Financial Goals Paper

Question 1

Using this article…

The article by Kaplan and Norton describes four new processes that the balanced scorecard is designed to help companies make that important link between a company’s long-term strategies with its short-term financial goals. Pick one of the four processes and discuss how you envision this being applied in the simulation (Group project simulation). Support your answers with tie-in to the readings, examples from your experiences and at least one credible, high-quality source of outside research.


Question 2

Reflect on a decision within the LINKS supply chain simulation.

Address difficulties, strategy and outcomes.


Question 3

This project requires you to set three financial goals:

  • one short-term goal that can be achieved in less than a year
  • one intermediate-term goal that can be achieved in one to five years
  • one long-term goal that will take more than five years to achieve

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