Finance and Medicine

Question 1

Select an area other than music (e.g., painting, politics, medicine, finance, etc.,), and describe in detail (c. 450 words) the difficulties, prejudices, and obstacles women have experienced in their attempts to enter that particular field or work environment; summarize by illustrating how women have tried to overcome these societal hindrances and achieve success, acceptance, and equality with their male counterparts. **

** Please utilize MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting and style guide.


This Signature Assignment fulfills the Guidelines for Tier 1 General Studies Courses:

1.Effective writing skills.

2.Responsible citizenship in a culturally complex world.

3.Addresses all criteria listed in Student Learning Outcomes.

4.The Signature Assignment is embedded into the course in the form of a 450 word essay which contributes to individual student grades.

5.Students are expected to demonstrate mastery and awareness of the outcomes through the Signature Assignment.

Question 2

Discuss a primary care-focused visit devoted to wellness and or disease affecting women and health-enhancing strategies that you would include in the visit.

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