Final Research Assignment: History Through the Public Eye

For this research assignment, you will select from one of the following prompts and create a powerpoint presentation. There should be a minimum of at least 5 slides, and no more than 9 (5-9). Students also have the option to present alone if they choose.

The Monument

  1. You are part of a group of young historians interested in engaging the community in public history and commemorating the American past. You want to create a sculpture, or erect a monument that recognizes an important event/theme/person/group of people in early American history. In this presentation you will include the following:
  • Why did you decide to commemorate this specific person/theme/event/etc. ? 
  • Where is this going to be located? Please include specific city / state/ region (why did you choose this location/what purpose will it serve)?
  • Is there a target audience you are trying to reach?
  • Has your idea been on public display before? If so, where? 
  • Will your commemoration be controversial? Why or why not?

The Exhibition

  1.  You are group of young historians and curators who want to install a new exhibition in a museum of your choice. In your partnership with a museum (please specify which one?), describe what kind of exhibition you would like installed (must connect to modern American history). Some important things to keep in mind as you plan:
  2. What kind of exhibition is it, and why did you choose to exhibit this?
  3. What is the location (city/state/region), and why did you select that specific location for an exhibition?
  4. Provide a sample of the kind of works that you would like to install in your exhibition (How does the exhibition begin, how does it end?)
  5. Will this be chronological?
  6. Will your commemoration be controversial? Why or why not?
  7. Is there a target audience that you are specifically trying to reach?

This Assignment will be worth 50 points : 

-25 points for the slides   

-25 points for the write up and presentation in class

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