Final Reflective Paper

The final project is a 1000 word minimum paper designed to reflect upon larger course themes and their interconnections. It will be based on the specific prompts provided below. It requires you to integrate the various course materials into a bigger picture and consider what the major takeaways were for you personally now that you have completed the lessons and other course elements. 

Your paper will be assessed on your responses to the following (please incorporate these prompts as formal subheadings into your submission):

  • Outside of organized crime and terrorism, what are three major elements discussed in the course that you believe demonstrate the impact of firearms upon countries or the international community at large? (250 words)
  • We have discussed in this course that firearms are frequent crime enablers and multipliers of violence, especially in the hands of organized criminal groups or terrorist groups.  What is meant by this statement? Provide three separate points. (250 words)
  • How well (or how poorly) do you think the global community has performed related to legally regulating firearms? What have been the successes to date? What are the main gaps or areas that still need to be addressed? Provide three separate points. (250 words)
  • What were three major learning takeaways for you concerning the subject of firearms, now that you have completed this course? (250 words)

The following materials should be incorporated throughout your submission.  Please reference which source you are using in parenthetical form after the course material, employing the following guidelines:

  • Lesson notes (indicate Lesson #)
  • Assigned lesson readings (indicate author or title, whichever begins the citation)
  • Group discussions, which covered the following topics: (indicate Group #)
    • Group 1: Firearms: Symptom or Cause?
    • Group 2: The Impact of Firearms Misuse
    • Group 3: Media Reporting on Firearms
    • Group 4: Influences Upon the Demand for Firearms

For fullest credit, your paper must:

  • Meet words minimums for each section.
  • Address all four question prompts (please indicate which one you are addressing) in the order they are provided, with each point appropriately supported with further explanation.
  • Incorporate a diversity of course material.
  • Possess a narrative which is clear and well-organized in expression.
  • Be proofread for grammatical, typographical, and other errors.

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