Final Complementary and Alternative Therapy Presentation

Value: Paper 15%
Presentation 15%

  1. Students choose a therapy.
    o The topic chosen by students will be used to write a final paper and develop a 10 minute presentation.
    o Presentations will be in class during the last live class
    o The topics are:
     Acupuncture—
     Nutraceuticals—
     Healing Touch—
     Biofeedback—
     Tai Chi—
     Aroma Therapy—
     Reiki—
     Light Therapy—
     Meditation-
     Halotherapy-
     Music Therapy—
  2. The following details will highlight what is to be included in the final paper:
    I. Introduction: Introduce the topic that you have chosen to work on with one peer. Provide two paragraphs to introduce the topic using a minimum of three to five peer-reviewed references in the introduction.
    II. Significance to Nursing: Explain why this particular CAM nursing therapy is important to nursing and create a patient scenario that illustrates how this CAM nursing therapy uniquely improves the patient in the scenario and why (for example, music therapy is useful in calming babies in the NICU—how and why does this help). Provide 3–5 additional references in the significance to support your claims.
    III. Nursing Theorist or Theoretical Underpinning for this CAM: Pick a nursing theorist or a religious basis, such as Hinduism or Buddhism, to relate to your chosen CAM. Explain how this can be a good fit or if the religious practices have historical underpinnings that help the nurse understand the CAM better. Tie this theorist or religion to your patient in the scenario and what was useful. Add one precaution in using this particular CAM that the nurse needs to know. Use two references here.
    IV. Conclusion: Tie it all together: the scenario, theoretical or religious beliefs, how the CAM improved the life of the patient, and recommendations for future uses. This should be two to three paragraphs minimum.
     Students meet and develop the paper content together.
     Students write individual unique papers using guidelines that are in the rubric.
     Paper should have a minimum of five references.
     Paper length should be 8–10 pages.
     Choose a theorist that correlates to your chosen therapy. Explain the theorist and why you chose this particular person. The theorist can be outside of nursing and is an expert on your complementary therapy.
    Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing Scholarly Paper Guidelines:
  3. Your paper is to be written on a scholarly level with strict adherence to APA Guidelines and must be fully supported by primary resources and theoretical articles of a scholarly nature.
  4. You will include a title page, table of contents, and reference list.
  5. The body of the paper will start with an introduction and end with a conclusion, followed by references.
  6. Use headings and subheadings as appropriate to maintain organization of your paper (see APA Manual). You are required to use the headings of the Culture Paper Guidelines.
  7. You are required to adhere to APA format. The body of the paper (not counting the title page, table of contents, and reference list) should be 7–10 pages in length.
  8. You are not required to include an abstract of the paper.
  9. As with all assignments, you are required to adhere to academic integrity. See the Academic Integrity section of our NU 635 Course Syllabus.
  10. You should have at least eight to ten references to support your content.
    Here are some “helpful hints” for your Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing Paper:
    • You are required to use the proper headings for your Final Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing Paper.
    • Have easy access to your APA Manual. It will help you in writing your paper.
    • Reference all work that is not your own or is common knowledge, such as “alcoholism is a serious problem.”
    • Only use websites that are classified as “.org” sites, such as CDC, NIH, NLN, and AACN. Websites should be used judiciously. Do use the National Guidelines provided each week.
    • Do not use broad assumptions without data.
    • Write in your own words, but do not use “I,” “we,” “us,” “them,” or “me.”
    • Do not use colloquial phrases, such as slang.
    • You cannot use basic nursing resources (for example, RN, American Journal of Nursing) and basic nursing textbooks. Do a literature search for articles from reputable sources less than 5 years old unless the book or publication is considered a gold standard worth citing.
    • Please refer to the Writing Assignment Grading Rubric for details on how the Paper will be graded.
  11. Individual presentation.
     Use any creative measures to get your point across.
     Prepare a 10 minute power point or google presentation
    • Please refer to the Presentation Grading Rubric for details on how the Presentation will be graded.

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