Film critique

-This essay can include your own opinion and can use “I”.
-If using a review that was made when the movie was made that would get me extra credit and would be best!
-The movie is “In old California” (1942)
-Should include a bibliography, please
-To summarize – Your paper needs to be written using Chicago Style and should
include the following elements:
1. A very brief rehash of the film’s subject or plot (a paragraph or two; never more than half a page)
2. Some very basic biographical information on the director (a sentence or two is fine)
3. A brief digest of at least one – two or three is ideal – published reviews of your film
4. Your reflections and analysis of the film and of the published reviews. (This should be the bulk of your paper)
To write a superior review, address questions about the film’s historical accuracy (backed up with data). Are they major or minor errors,
are these caused by the needs of film structure, do they seem like somebody dropped the ball, or were the moviemakers trying to
present American audiences with the history they wish had happened?
Also, what if anything does the movie imply about the era in which it was made? Does it describe the history that happened or the history
that audiences wish had happened?

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