Figures and Tables

you must complete 4 separate papers. Select the papers from the current peer-reviewed original research literature (nothing before 2016 is acceptable) that uses gene transfer and expression as its major goal (it can be the only goal but doesn’t have to be) in journals like Science, Nature, Cell, Molecular and Cellular Biology, etc. Trade magazines, like Bio Techniques, are NOT acceptable for this.

Written paper must include

1. Overall scientific goal(s)

2. Gene being transferred, how and why

3. Vector specifics (such as plasmid, regulatory cassettes, etc)

4. Recipient specifics (what cells and why)

5. Detection of transfer/expression

6. Your suggestions for improvement, or why their approach was the best one for

the goals. (You can’t just say they did a good job. Look critically)

7. Include a photocopy of your selected paper

Written papers must be word processed and no more than 2 double-spaced pages. Figures or tables may be included as additional pages, but you can also just refer to them in your narrative since a photocopy of the paper will be included. No handwritten assignments will be accepted.

The paper above is written by my teacher

the teacher wants four 4 papers not before 2016 published. each paper have the the 7 points above, not as a paragraph but as a points from one to six while number 7 i will print the full text and attach it with the papers.

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