Field of Community Psychology

Question 1

Write a 500-word response on whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: The field of psychology has little to say or do about the issue of poverty.

Be sure to:

1. Use two academic sources to support your argument. Both sources should be outside the field of community psychology including any of following subdisciplines of psychology (e.g., clinical social, neuroscience, developmental or organizational).

2. Read Evicted and include in your paper. Author is not a psychologist and should not be considered part of two academic sources. You should reference this author in your reference section of paper.

Question 2

One page, size 12 font, catholic Eucharistic prayer, Times New Roman, MLA style.

Listen carefully to the Eucharistic prayer during mass, or find a copy of one of the prayers. Write a one-page reflection on how the words of the prayer might apply to our response to poverty.

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