The paper must be written using ASA style, (Typed, Double Spaced New times Roman Script 8-12 point font. MUST INCLUDE: Title page, abstract page, and a reference list at the end). NEEDS in-text citations. The paper should be divided into these subheadings:

1. Summary (Where you summarize the Articles main points and ideas

2. Relevancy (How does this article related to the class by incorporating lecture notes and the text in the analysis

3. Analysis ( How does this article related to the understanding of society at the Micro, Macro and Mezo level)

4. Critique (What are some criticisms of the article, what did it get “right” in your opinion and where was it lacking)

Things to think about in reading “Black Feminist Thought”: (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE THING JUST ENOUGH TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS).

Sociologist extraordinaire, Patricia Hill Collins discusses the intersection of race and gender. Think about how the objectification of black women is different than the objectification of white women? Why does this persist? How does this difference result in political segregation when trying to alleviate gender discrimination? How is this a mechanism of social control?

You can also reference Judith Lorber’s, “Night to His Day” if you would like in the relevancy portion.

Some things to consider:

In this reading, it is important to focus on the social and historical context when trying to define gender. How does Lorber navigate this? How is this idea related to some of the definitions of gender that are given in the lecture notes?

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