Female Genital Mutilation

Write a position paper about FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IN SUDAN

Building an original and complicated analysis or cohesive argument, why is this a problem for women in Sudan

Papers must be 800 -1200. The Works Cited page or bibliography is not included in the word count. You may not write about the same topic twice; each position paper must address a new issue or theory. These are academic essays and not personal statements; papers should adhere to standards for academic writing. Papers must include at least two quotations or references must be appropriately cited in either MLA or APA style. Papers must include a Works Cited page or bibliography.

Take a social, familial, religious, political or cultural idea, event, practice, or belief and show how gender operates within this paradigm.

Tie together an issue (for example, water access) and a theory (for example, an analysis of women and work in Gender in History) to demonstrate how theory or research better helps us understand an actual issue.

The key to a successful paper is to analyze and use formal academic writing. A superior paper will not rely on examples from personal experience, but on the theories in our textbook, essays or analyses you find elsewhere, and your own analysis. For example, you may find the concept of woman as Other to be compelling (Wiesner-Hanks 87) and apply that concept to religious rules and obligations for women described in our other text, Women Across Cultures, or as these are unfolding more visibly within Islam. Or perhaps Burns‘ description of sweatshop labor made you curious to learn more: your paper might analyze women‘s labor in sweatshops in a certain region or argue that sweatshops, while dangerous, may be better than no paid labor options at all. In other words, your paper will theorize and analyze, and not simply report or inform.

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