Felon Disenfranchisement

Felon disenfranchisement with a conclusion that felons should have there voting rights restored.

The final project for this course is the creation of a final research paper. The research paper must be on a topic relevant to class content. In the paper, students
need to present research and also draw and support a conclusion about the topic. Research papers must be objective in the presentation of the content. The final
product represents an authentic demonstration of competency because students select their own topics appropriate to the course content and objectives,
conduct independent research with minimal supervision from their professor, and create finished papers that meet all of the established criteria. The project is

The main elements of the research paper will include:
Topic Selection:
 Research topics must be objective in their presentation of the material. A list of possible topic ideas found below can be used as a resource when
choosing a topic. You will need to present and support a conclusion about the topic.
 If the topic is one on which people have differing views (examples: abortion, gun control, the death penalty), students will need to present at least two
sides of the issue. If personal beliefs about an issue are so strong that you cannot objectively present at least two sides of the issue, you may want to
pursue a different topic that can be approached less passionately. Objective research is the framework

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