Federal Substance Abuse

1 to 2 Page APA Paper

The Role of the Counselor

  • Visit the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  • Visit either the ACA or AMHCA website.What key issues

Services Administration Website and

browse the different types of mental health information

and resources available. Pick one area that interests you

(stigma, recovery, mental health transformation, evidence-

based practices, systems of care, etc.).Write a brief

summary of the information that you found.What are

the key issues or concerns raised by your research?How

are these the same or different from the issues raised in

Assignment 2?(Continued, next page)

are emerging for the counseling profession?How do they

intersect (if they do) with the issues you identified above?

  • Discuss ways in which you or an agency with which you are

familiar could use/apply the information/resources you found

to improve the state of mental health in your region. .

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