Federal Poverty Line

Question 1

The Dark Side of Drug Courts

While there are many positive aspects of drug courts, they are often relatively unregulated leaving an extraordinary amount of power in the hands of judges and local officials. Listen to episode 430 of This American Life entitled “Very Tough Love”  and write a response to what the individuals in the recording feel needs to be changed, if anything, about drug court laws.

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Standard of Living

Assume you are working full-time earning a yearly income that is $1,000.00 above the official federal poverty line (make sure the amount is based on your current household. You will need to research the current amount of the federal poverty line on the U.S House and Human Services website. Based on this amount of income, develop a monthly budget. Based on your budget, discuss the effect your income will have on your quality of life (e.g., the kind of housing and neighborhood in which you would live, food, entertainment, transportation, etc.)

Your original post must be at least 200 words

Question 2

This question does not have a word count. It is for a discussion board not an essay.

Income transfers were developed as a part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty. Define income transfers. How should traditional income transfers eliminate incidence of poverty? Does it work? Explain.

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