Federal Law

Must write a term paper on the nature of the complex and struggling economy doctors today need to be extra concerned with the business side of healthcare especially concerning medical coding and billing. The paper needs to be wriiten from a medical coding and billing students viewpoint.

It must include the new federal law that went into effect Oct. 1st, 2015 and how it is effecting both sides – doctors for having to be especially concerned with billing. Is it better to do in house or by a private billing office, and patients who now can expect longer than usual wait times for receiving their medical bills. Also doctors beware of the new regulatory acts the US govt has put in place to improve patient outcomes but also to avoid the unnecessary procedures being performed and inaccurate billing.

This paper must be written in sections including an outline, the intro paragraph with the thesis underlined and a reference sheet by tomorrow then next week the rough draft with in cite quotations (approx 18 of them ) and at least 12-14 reliable references all in APA format.

1. An Introductory Paragraph (with the thesis statement underlined)

2. An outline of your five main ideas, including 2-3 supportive details, facts, statistics, quotations, or anecdotes to support each one

3. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding your topic, the details you need, research, etc. and will instruct further for the rest of the paper.

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