Feasibility Stage

Question 1

Case Study: Mason PLC is a British leisure company specialising in the provision and operation of private health and fitness clubs. They opened their first club in 1990, and they have subsequently opened a further 24 clubs within the UK. These clubs all incorporate: a 25 x 12 metre swimming pool, a fitness facility, a Health studio (including a Spa, with a ‘Hot tub and steam room), 3 aerobic/dance studios, two meeting rooms, and a small cafeteria/bar lounge area.
Mason PLC is going to open a new club which will incorporate new facilities and services. The new club will be larger than Mason’s PLC’s existing clubs. This is due to the additions of a small 100 seat cinema, and an extensive beauty spa. The beauty spa will have a vast range of treatments and services available including: hairdressing, massage, and cosmetic treatment. The new club has an investment of £ 2 million pound and is due to take 60 weeks to complete.
As project manager appointed by Mason PLC at the feasibility stage, you are required to prepare a report (2,300 +/- 10% words). From a project management perspective outline the activities required to successfully manage this new initiative, ensuring that it is on time, and within budget.
The analysis should include the skills and competencies required by the Project Manager, along with the project management process. Use examples of the concerns, Project Life Cycle stages, processes, leadership, and administration and control problems associated with managing the lifecycle of this major project.

Question 2

Singapore- Please answer all parts of the following question. For the purposes of a training programme for new junior compliance officers and senior management you have been assigned the task of preparing a paper on how compliance can be made effective through better awareness, implementation and training.

The Head of Training has requested you to focus on the following aspects, namely

1)The concept of ‘risk management principles and framework’ with examples of common compliance vulnerabilities and methods to mitigate risks (use as an example a product or service or activity with which you are familiar); (20 marks)

2) What is understood by ‘a quality compliance monitoring programme’ and how such a programme can be executed under the direction and supervision of a senior compliance officer with emphasis on identifying exceptions and breaches and escalating them to designated personnel; and (20 marks)

3) How short-term training to the staff in key business units can be organised and the elements of a successful programme and measures to assess the impact of training. (20 marks)

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