Family Structures

Without a doubt, in your role as a child development professional, you will be working with children, their families, and the community. Throughout this learning week, we have focused on different types of family structures and strategies for engaging with those unique family structures to support a child’s learning and development. Now, we want to take that idea and expand it to working with families and the community in general. Imagine you have been contacted by a school to put together a presentation for the next Parent Teacher Organization. They have asked for your presentation to focus on two main ideas: how to create and sustain partnerships with families and the community and how these partnerships influence the learning and development of children.

Step One: Choose one High School to use as the basis for your presentation:

Step Two: Now that you know the audience for your presentation, you may choose to create a Prezi. or a PowerPoint. Whichever format you choose, your presentation must contain the following information:

  1. At least one slide that describes the period of development this presentation focuses on.
  2. At least one slide that explains your role as a child development professional.
  3. At least one slide with a rationale for your presentation that is supported by either the text or an additional scholarly source. Make sure that you properly format your in-text citations according to APA style.
  4. At least one slide that explains the Mesosystem from Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System for parents to understand how families, schools, and the community are connected.
  5. At least one slide that introduces Epstein’s Types of Involvement.
  6. At least one slide for each of Epstein’s Types of Involvement that describes:
  • The name of the type of involvement.
  • How this type of involvement influences a child’s learning and development.
  • One idea the school or community could implement right away that aligns with the cultures represented at the school.
  1. At least five graphics that enhance visual appeal.

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