Family Pressures

Read and following the direction below for the essay paper.

Interdisciplinary Team Case Study Paper

This is a short video that has been inspired by the case history of a real patient. The video is divided into a series of short scenes and highlights issues around caring for elderly patients who become too infirm to continue to cope with living independently at home. It focuses on the relationships between healthcare professionals, the patient and the patients’ family. The script for the video was written by a team led by Sandy Goodyer.

After viewing the video, write a four-page paper (excluding title and reference page) addressing the following; Make sure to use subheadingto address the following sections. The paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th ed. style

  1. Provide an overview of Mr. Kirby and his presenting problems.
  2. Describe the team communication patterns and the communication with the family. Is communication clear, unclear, positive, negative etc.?
  3. Describe each of the team members at the interdisciplinary team conference and their focus and interventions with Mr. Kirby.
  4. Describe the family dynamics and pressures on family to become caregivers for Mr. Kirby. How do you react to the family?
  5. How does the team perceive Mr. Kirby? Do you think he is seen as a “problem” patient? How does this perception impact care?
  6. Describe the role of the social worker and the way she works with the patient/family. What do you think she does well? What might you do differently?
  7. What happens to Mr. Kirby? What social work values and ethics would be involved in the choices that Mr. Kirby ends of making? How do you think this kind of an outcome might make you feel? Is there anything you would have done differently? How might you handle this with the team?

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