False Promises

2-3 pages double space

1. The following question was sent to a newspaper columnist who specializes in providing advice about how to handle ethical dilemmas. Read the scenario and provide your own response to the question “What should I do?” asked at the end of the paragraph. Better responses will be specific (i.e., providing detail beyond “Tell” or “Don’t Tell”), and will include the reasoning behind the advice.

I have an opportunity to buy the property of my dreams. The problem is that the elderly couple who have lived there for more than 40 years love the house and assume that I will maintain it. I intend to tear it down and build a more modern house on this beautiful property. If I reveal my plan, they may refuse to sell me the house and the land. What should I do?

2. Describe the implications of your response. What are the pros and cons of following your advice?

3. Is your recommended course of action likely to be seen as ethical or unethical by others? Using the material we discussed in class (i.e., the SINS scale), discuss how your own ethical perspective may shape your recommendation, and whether others generally will or will not share your view

SINS Scale- 5 Factors

• Traditional Competitive Bargaining • Make an offer far greater than what you really hope to settle for

•Attacking opponent’s network • Attempt to get your opponent fired from his/her position so that a new person will take his/her place

• False Promises • In return for concessions from your opponent now, offer to make future concessions which you know you will not follow through on 7 SINS Scale- 5 Factors

•Misrepresentation • Deny the validity of information which your opponent has that weakens your negotiation position, even though that information is true and valid

•Inappropriate information gathering • Gain information about an opponent’s negotiating position by paying your friends to get this information for you

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