False Confessions

For your last assignment, you are required to write a 3-4 page essay (not including cover page or reference page) on the topic of False Confessions. Your paper must be double-spaced, and you must use APA Formatting including in text citations. You must choose one of the following types of False Confessions and write about a specific Canadian case.

According to Regina vs. Oickle, the 5 types of False Confessions are:

  1. Stress-compliant
  2. Coerced-compliant
  3. Non-coerced persuaded
  4. Coerced-persuaded
  5. Voluntary

Please provide a brief background of the case including names, dates, and location. Identify what type of false confession that it falls into and then provide the details and the outcome. This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade and there is a rubric that explains the grading criteria.


Explain how police used coerced-persuaded confessions.

More information required. 3-4 page essay (not including cover page or reference page)

No information regarding the accused’s statement to police.
What police tactics were used to get the statement?
More detail about the coercive techniques

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