Falkland War

In the essay it must discuss the Falkland War. You must pick the side you want to talk about (example from the UK side or Argentinean side)
You must talk about the three levels of analysis.
Individual: argues individualism matters a single person may change the course of history.
Domestic: The way the nation-state is operated and lead. The political culture.
Systemic: The external reaction the main interest of the USA.
In the essay it must discuss the 3 levels and pick which one is the best, middle, and worst level.
In the essay it must look like this:

Information. Thesis (in your thesis please include which level has the strongest argument).
Body 1:
A small history background of the war.

Body 2:
Your weakest level of analysis.

Body 3:
Your middle level of analysis.

Body 4:
Your strongest level of analysis.

Body 5:


Please do not forget about the footnotes if you have any question please let me know.

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