Factors Affecting The Performance Of A Company

Note:  Use additional page(s), if needed, for any of the following sections; however, the sections will expand as you add typed material.

Note:  The financial ratios are to be submitted using the Financial Ratios Spreadsheet, provided under Resources.

Important facts in this case (company, industry, competition, etc.)?              
Environmental & Competitive Scan
  External factors outside the direct control of the company, but which affect the company.  External factors create opportunities and threats to which the company must respond. (e.g., political, demographic, environmental, political, global, legal)      
Competitive factors that impact the company (e.g., nature of competition, characteristics of existing competitors, potential new competitors, substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers and customers)      
What are the critical success factors in this industry?            How well does this company address those critical success factors?          
Internal Scan – what are the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses relative to critical success factors, the competition, and the environment?  (Include financial ratios, utilizing the Financial Ratios Spreadsheet provided under Course Materials – submit separately with this assignment)
  Internal strengths                            Internal weaknesses        
As you consider this company, what do you see as its sustainable competitive advantages.  List and comment on at least five. (i.e., what core competencies does this company have that competitors will not be able to imitate/improve upon in the foreseeable future)?                    
What strategic recommendations/initiatives would you make for this company (i.e., where should they go and how should they get there)?                    

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